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Behind great achievements, you always find people who have dared to choose a special path.

Marco Lucchetta’s path, ex- Soccer star and inventor of the Lemonbar, led him back to his origin and away from industrially manufactured products.



“In the form of the citrus fruit I found the perfect starting point for the construction of a mobile bar. As a model I chose nature itself. During my time as a student in California, the idea finally matured into a comprehensive business draft: Beginning with the origin of the fruit, going on to the manual processing, up to the experience of the unique taste – it is an ideology in itself. Nature for instance is unrivalled in purism, form and functionality; it has proved to be an outstanding designer.” said Marco Luchetta

The first prototype was, at that time, built in co-operation with a craft enterprise. He then quite soon started to produce further bars himself. By this time, world-wide more than 60 Lemonbar franchise partner exist. The idea of an exceedingly successful Franchise system was born. In the simplicity, as so often, lies the secret of success.