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Welcome to the world of natural fruits

Feel the fruit. The natural taste is a pure pleasure. We follow the spirit of time and promote the consumption of Lemons and Oranges. The basis of our drinks comes from 100% biological cultivation. Every drink is freshly squeezed and manually prepared infront of the customer. We deliver always best quality for the the best price! It’s as simple as that.


Our “Lemon classic” drink is world-wide unique! Power coming from natural vitamins

The product range

The product range consists of all together 20 anti-alcoholic and 20 light alcoholic fruit cocktails. The total contentment of our customers is the confirmation to stick with these high quality standards.


These are the incrediences of our delicious fresh fruit mixes

The secret of the making it?Of course, we share this secret only with our partners.


Our Megamix The bestseller – everywhere!


Our famous alcoholic Cocktails

In Italy our fruitcocktails have already gained cult status! Come and try our delicous “Caipirinha classic” or “Mojito”, we make them like the Brasilians.